Thermocouples Feedthru


The stainless steel Feedthru is simple, orderly and compact. It is ideally suited to thermocouple applications, such as steam autoclaves, process piping, etc.

The Feedthru provides individual slots allowing for 16 separate thermocouples..

Sealing is enabled by silicone discs. It is important to ensure the discs are in good condition.

Sizes 1″ 
Thermocouple Slots 4.0 mm wide slots (16x)
Connections Tri-Clamp
Material - Body: 316L
- Gland: Brass
- Seals: Silicone
Finishes Interior surfaces SF1
Certificates (st.) 3.1 material



  • Easily installed with no tools required
  • No threads or sharp edges to damage thermocouple wires

pdfDatasheet Thermocouples Feedthru
English - 291 kB - Rev. D-4-20