Smart Trakr-T

Precision Temperature Data Logger

The SMART TRAKR™-T is a miniature, battery powered, stand alone, precision temperature recorder. The all-in-one compact, portable, easy to use device will measure and record up to 21,845 measurements per channel. The storage medium is non-volatile solid state memory, providing maximum data security even if the battery becomes discharged. The RTD sensor does not suffer from the cold-junction issues of the thermocouple nor the errors at high and low temperatures of the thermistor.

The device can be started and stopped directly from your computer and its small size allows it to fit almost anywhere. The SMART TRAKR™-T makes data retrieval quick and easy. Simply plug it into an empty COM or USB port and our user-friendly software does the rest.


pdfDatasheet Smart Trakr-T
English - 1,62 MB -  Rev. RF-STT1115