Quattroflow EZ-Set

Faster Replacement of Single-Use Pump Chambers


With the EZ-Set, you can change your Single-Use pump chamber in 30 seconds without the use of special tools or torque wrenches.

The comfortable handgrip design makes replacing the chamber so easy, even while wearing rubber gloves. EZ-Set reduces downtime between batches, allowing you to spend more time doing what is really important for your work. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s safe.


  • Easy installation of Single-Use pump chambers
  • For Single-Use pump chamber sizes 150 and 1200 (QF150SU / QF1200SU / QF1200SU-CV / QF1200SU-HT)
  • Nothing to screw in
  • Easy visual guide for proper tightening, no torque wrenches needed
  • Available for new pumps by adding “EZ” to the pump code
  • Retrofittable on existing standard Quattroflow Single-Use pumps by replacing pump chamber, pressure plate and shaft bearing kit

pdfDatasheet Quattroflow EZ-Set
English - 699 kB - rev. QTF-40010-F-01-A4