TBL aSURE Instrument Fitting

Provides a Protective Barrier for Aseptic Applications

The aSURE™ instrument fitting was developed as a means to maintain a sterile barrier where disposable manifolds are used on hybrid single-use process equipment.

Fixed or tethered pressure-monitoring devices provide extremely high accuracy and are often hard wired into a central control panel. The aSURE™ instrument fitting provides a practical means of maintaining a sterile barrier on a complex manifold set, and provides a barrier without the need to have a gauge present during the sterilization process.


  • Maintains a Sterile Barrier
  • Works with Any 1-½″ Sanitary Pressure Instrument
  • Safe Disposal (WEEE Compliant)
  • Re-use of Instrument Means Better Economics
  • Non-Restrictive Flow Path / No Dead Leg
  • No Signal Drift

Accuracy and Repeatability:
1.38 bar to 3 bar / 0.034 bar
Accuracy values are based on third party testing at an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory.

Leak Testing:
Pressure-Decay Testing is performed on each unit before packaging

Sizes 1-½″ TC X ½″ Hose Barb (600 Series)
1-½″ TC X 1″ Hose Barb (600 Series)
Type of connections Tri-Clamp, Hose Barb
Material ADCF Polyethylene/ Cellgyn™ TPE
Certificates (standard) FDA, USP Class VI, {88}, TSE/BSE, ADCF, Reach


  • One Piece Design
  • Medical Grade Materials/ ADCF
  • No Solvents or Cements
  • Gamma Stable from 25 kGy to 40 kGy
  • Gendered Connection
  • Single Use Technology