TBL aSure Molded Tubing Ends

Over-Molded Sanitary Tri-Clamp® Ends

TBL manufactures an extensive range of over-molded, sanitary Tri-Clamp compatible process hoses with our standard tubing products and those supplied by our customers. Over-molded Tri Clamp connections are the most secure, cleanable, and reliable solution for critical bio-tech and life sciences applications. A certificate of compliance (COC) is provided with all hoses, certifying the relevant regulatory credentials (e.g. USP Class VI, ISO 10993, FDA CFR, etc.). Click here to build your hose.

Benefits of Over-Molding vs. Barbed

  • Fittings Smooth bore for no product entrapment and maximum cleanability
  • Low sheer for cell culture and other sensitive media
  • Elimination of potential bio-egress that can occur with use of cable ties or crimps
Sizes Tri-Clamp: Mini TC to 2"
for tubing 1/8" to 1 1/2" (depending on type of tubing)
Max. pressure depends on size tubing
Temp. range depending on type of tubing
Connections Tri-Clamp
Material Available for tubing: Cellgyn TPE, ClearGreen and ClearGreen60 PVC, Flex Kynar or Pharm-A-Line I TPV
Certificates FDA, USP Class VI