Gamma Stable StirBar

Agitation for Bag, Bottle & Carboy Assemblies

These Stir Bars are the ideal product for a biopharmaceutical container (carboy, media bottle, solution bottle, bag, Erlenmeyer etc.) where the product needs to be both agitated and stay in suspension; where traditional mixers can be potentially harmful to cell growth.

The Feateres are: Gamma stabble (unique in the market), Animal Derivative Component Free, Lower Particulate Shedding, Light Weight, Cost Effective, Lot Traceable and Meets USP Class VI. Compact Design: Slides through 1/4" hose barbs for quick and easy installation, ideal for most 10L and 20L bag system or bottle systems.

Sizes 5x25mm - 10x51mm
Material PVDF
Certificates USP Class VI