Niezgodka Type 10.2 Safety Valve

Pressure Safety Valves, springloaded for overpressure

Niezgodka Type 10.2 Safety Valves are suitable for pressure safety in processes with steam, gases and liquids. The pressure can be adjusted to your needs.

The Niezgodka Type 10.2 Safety Valve body and spring bonnet are made from 316Ti stainless steel and can handle a temperature range from -60°C to 280°C. These pressure safety valves are installed in a vertical position and can be adjusted to the needed pressure for your process. 

Sizes DN 10 to 20
Pressure range see Datasheet Safety Valves
Temp. range -60°C to 280°C
Connections Tri-clamps, DIN 11851/11864, BSP, NPT
  • Body:316Ti (1.4571)
  • Spring Bonnet: 316Ti (1.4581)
Surface finish internal finish: 0,38 µM (SF4)
Certificates 3.1, FDA/USP VI and test-certificate

pdfDatasheet Safety Valves Niezgodka
English - 375 kB - Ed. K 10 10/2015

pdfDatasheet Discharge Capacities
English - 139 kB - Ed. 05/2015