VPA & VPK Aerre Inox Sample Valves


The VPAK sampling range has been designed for sterile sampling application in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It's compact design allows easy installation on small vessels or process lines where FDA compliance is necessary.

The special configuration ensures effective cleaning (CIP) and sterilisation (with saturated steam) of product contact surfaces of the valve and seat plug in a closed position. In addition, the system can be fitted with an actuator, which makes it possible to automate and/or remotely control the sampling process. 

Technische Informatie

Max. pressure: 10 bar
Temp. Range: 0°C to 150°C

Entry: Thread, Welded, Ingold, Tri-clamp (Also suitable for NA-connect and Kest-Lock)

Exit, Sample point: Tri-clamp, luer, hose tule, Staubli 

Material: 316L, Seal TFM (PTFE) or Silicone (VMQ)


3.1 material, FDA, USP Class VI


pdfDatasheet Aerre Inox VPA Sample Valve
English - 388 kB - Rev.01

pdfDatasheet Aerre Inox VPK Sample Valve
English - 364 kB - Rev.01

pdfBrochure Aerre Inox VPA / VPK Sample Valve
English - 654 kB - Rev. VPA-18