Diaphragm Valves

diaphragm epdm 4f18478ce186aRomynox offers two brands of Diaphragm valves: SED Flowcontrol and SISTO Armaturen. The German SED is already more than 20 years specialized in aseptic diaphragm valves. SISTO, situated in Luxembourg, is part of KSB concern. From 1984 it manufactures, apart from diaphragm valves for the proces industry and construction, diaphragm valves aspecialy for steril processes.

 The ARTeSYN DRV is designed to be a drop in replacement for your existing diaphragm valves, but with an easy to remove and replace flow through liner.

Romynox delivers also replacement diaphragms: SED, Sisto and Diapragm Direct (Gemü Style, ITT Style and Saunders Style)