Complete range of Meca-Inox Ball Valves available

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Meca-Inox Ball Valves

Meca-Inox ball valve PS4

Stainless steel ball valve (190ºC.)

Meca-Inox ball valve PZ4

Stainless steel 3-piece ball valve (280°C)

Meca-Inox Ball Valve PN4

Ball valve for pure gasses and clean steam

Meca-Inox PS4-3-way ball valve

Stainless steel 3-way ball valve

Meca-Inox V-ball Valve

V-ball valve as control valve in industrial flow...

Meca-Inox Actuators

Different types of actuators for Meca-Inox valves

Meca-Inox manual

Several options for manual operation

Meca-Inox specials

For every problem is a solution

Meca-Inox Low Temperature

For light cryogenic use (-50ºC)

Meca-Inox spare parts

A wide range of spare parts is available for a large...

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