Smart Gasket Clamp

During validation processes it can be desirable to  measure temperature or bio-activity. Rubber Fab's Smart Gasket has proven its value when validating sterility in a high-purity pharmaceutical system. The Smart Gasket easily installs between two sanitary standard flanges using the Rubber Fab Sanitary Smart Clamp to secure the flanges. The clamp provides up to four internal ports for accepting the Smart Gasket thermocouple samples or accessories.

This gives you most reliable values and gives you the right view on your processes.

Sizes 1/2" to 4"
Connections Tri-Clamp
Material 1.4301 (304), also available in 316
Hinge Lay-out Single Interlocking Rivet
Certificates (opt.) 2.2 material

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pdfDatasheet Rubber Fab Smart Gasket Clamp
English - 389 kB - rev. D-4-20