Bio-Ease+ Bio Tri clamp

Glass reinforced Nylon clamps

Single use systems

Single use systems have developed into an overwhelming market trend. These systems are sterilized by gamma radiation. This makes it impossible to work with metal clamps. Metal can't be sterilized in this way, and worse: metal interfers in the sterilization process of the other components, by creating non sterile area’s because of shadow.

Glass-filled nylon clamps

The solution are these glass-filled nylon clamps. Gamma will go through this high performance plastic and are therefore ideal for disposable fabrication sets. They are also autoclavable. Additional advantage is that these clamps are less heavier than metal clamps.

Pharmaceutical and bioprocessing testing and manufacturing

Bio-Ease+™ is a patented non-metallic clamp designed to meet the needs of pharmaceutical and bioprocessing testing and manufacturing.

Sizes 1/8" to 4"
Type of connections Tri-Clamp
Material Glass-reinforced White Nylon 66
Certificates (standard) FDA (21 CFR 177.1500), USP Class VI 70ºC


  • Tamper-proof design
  • Exclusive limited-slip design self-adjusts for balanced contact pressure
  • Compatible with ASME-BPE and BPSA standards
  • Can be repeatedly autoclaved
  • Testing has shown no detectable weakening after 40kGy Gamma Irradiation
  • Can be custom laser engraved.
  • Color coded knobs available in WHITE, BLUE, RED, YELLOW and GREEN.
  • Lot and batch traceable.