Alloy 22 Safety Clamps SAFX


To satisfy certain stringent industry requirements, Romynox can deliver a range of Alloy 22 clamps to accompany the range of Alloy 22 fittings. The clamps are able to withstand highly corrosive environments due to the material composition. Alloy 22 safety clamps have the same overall design and functionality that the existing CF8 / CF8M clamps exhibit; but with the added benefit of a superior material.

Besides this, the clamp has an extra safety feature. The use of a hex nut guarantees that you can't unscrew the clamp by hand. 


  • Pickled and passivated - this process removes the "free iron" particles from the surface that would 'rust'.
  • Barrel polished and sized using hydraulic press:
    • Ensures uniformity between the clamps 
    • Uniform extrusion of the gasket in a union 
    • Reduces "re-torqueing"of clamp after presure/temperature cycles

Technical information 

Sizes For Flange size 25, 50,5 and 64
Connections Tri-Clamp
Material - Clamp segments – C2XMW (Cast A22)
- Eyebolts / Bolts, Rivets, Hexagon safety nut / Hex nuts, Hinge plates – A22
Safety Feature Safety Gate, Eye-Bolt & Shroud
Certificates 3.1 Material (heat number stamped on casting at foundry)

pdfDatasheet Alloy 22 Safety Clamps SAFX
English - 579 kB - Rev. Issue 1 - June 2020