Rubber Fab Tuf-Flex Tri-Clamp Gaskets

Rubber Fab Tuf-FLEX® A Technologically Advanced Hygienic Seal

Tuf-Flex® is the world's only utilized seal setting new standards for purity, performance and flexibility. Designed to meet critical requirements in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, ultra-pure water, Water-For-Injection and difficult food and beverage processing.

A Tuf-Flex hygienic seal's contact surface is a layer of PTFE grafted to an EPDM rubber innercore. This totally bonded construction provides an exceptionally pure and incredibly flexible seal. By grafting the elastomer with a layer of PTFE, Tuf-Flex will behave like an elastomer but will prevent the product contamination, service interruptions and clean-up costst associated with elastomer seals. They achieve higher performance under SIP/CIP conditions, 100 steam cycles guaranteed. Tuf-Flex® has superior restistance to cold flow and creep and an excellent chemical resistance.

Sizes 1/2" to 6"
Temp. range -29°C to 149°C
Material PTFE layer bonded on a EPDM core
Certificates USP Class VI, 3.A

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pdfDatasheet Tuf-Flex ASME BPE, ISO & DIN
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