If you are looking for a sealing material resistant to acids, caustics and sensitive media, performing at low and high temperatures and pressures, options are difficult to find. The available elastomers generally fail in at least one of these requirements and conventional PTFE is not suitable due to its cold flow properties. The restructured and modified PTFE of the GYLON® BIO-PRO PLUS™ is guaranteed to meet all these criteria. Not only providing safe and efficient processes but also optimizing stock keeping.

Fulfilling ASME-BPE standards for dimensional consistency, this next generation sanitary gasket ensures ease of installation and long term operational integrity in the most challenging and critical applications. GYLON® BIO-PRO PLUS™ is pre-formed and stress controlled with high manufacturing precision, helping to eliminate critical and costly contamination issues often associated with gasket recession or intrusion within hygienic couplings.

GYLON® BIO-PRO PLUS™ seals offer a safe solution with its modified and restructured PTFE material, pre-formed and stress controlled, for all TRI-CLAMP standards. It is dimensionally stable and resists intrusion into the pipe bore. With a smooth surface finish, the GYLON® BIO-PRO PLUS™ is ideal for product contact applications and is a top performer relative to both CIP and SIP cycle like, regardless of cleaning media or sterilization procedure. The GYLON® 3522 material of construction is 100% pure PTFE, and provides full compliance with all industry standards.

Sizes 1/2" to 4"
Temp. range -232°C to 260°C
Connection Tri-Clamp
Material GYLON® style 3522 modified PTFE,
Certificates USP Class VI 121°C/1hr, {87}, {88}, {661}, FDA, ADIF, BSE/TSE and EN 1935 / 2004