WFI Water Hammer Dampener

Water hammer dampener for WFI systems

The WFI Water Hammer Dampener is the high purity altarnative for water hammer, designed for aseptic processes requiring clean-in-place components. 

The WFI Water Hammer Dampener is designed for clean-in-place aseptic processes and very suitable for WFI systems. The dampener can be installed very close to the pump to absorb the pulse as much as possible as its source. 

Unique sleeve

The Water Hammer Dampener has got a unique inline flow-through sleeve which is designed to create a steady flow with zero dead leg. The sleeve has a ribbed surface that expands at a high pressure and returns to it's original form afterwards. The sleeve ends connect directly with a tri-clamp without the need for a seperate gasket. 


  • Installed inline as close to pump discharge as possible
  • Ribbed internal sleeve
  • No need for a seperate gasket
  • Adjustable air pressure to optimize the dampener for the local process

Technical information

Sizes See picture
Connection 2 1/2" tri-clamp connection
Max pressure 10,3 bar (150 psi)
Material Body: 1.4435 (316L)
Seals Membranes (silicone, EPDM)
Certificates USP Class VI

pdfDatasheet WFI Dampener
English - 614 kB - rev. P32E11