WFI Dampener

Water hammer dampener for WFI systems

WFI Dampener

The WFI Dampener, also called the CIP Flow-Through Pulsation Dampener, is the high purity alternative for water hammer. Specifically designed for aseptic processes requiring clean-in-place components. This Water hammer dampener, with inline flow-through sleeve, is designed to create a steady flow with no dead leg. Very suitable for WFI systems.


  • Maximum pressure rating to 10.3 bar (150 psi)
  • Installed inline as close to pump discharge as possible, to absorb the pulse at the source
  • The internal sleeve has got ribs to expand when watter hammer occurs and return to it's original form afterwards
  • With the adjustable air pressure, the damper can be optimized for the local process

Technical information

Sizes 2 1/2" 
Material Body: 1.4435 (316L), self-draining single body construction for easy clean-in-place
Connections connect directly to pipe and seal with (2.5") Tri-Clamp fasteners without separate gaskets 
Seals Membranes (silicone, EPDM)
Certificates USP Class VI

pdfDatasheet WFI Dampener
English - 614 kB - rev. P32E11