Aerre Inox RPS Sample Valve

Ideal for sterile sampling of high purity water and other liquids.

Autoclavable aseptic sampling valves that are designed for sampling high purity water and other liquids. 

The RPS sampling valves are easy to install on distribution pipelines or on tanks, the RPS can be kept in aseptic conditions between one sample and another by using a silicone cap, "luer slip" which seals the outlet. This prevents the deposition of bacteria and particles that could potentially falsify the results. In addition, the RPS is easy to use. The valve opens by turning counterclockwise and closes by turning clockwise.

Technical information

Max. pressure: 10 bar
Temp. Range: 0°C to 150°C
System connection: Tri-clamp 25mm, 34mm en 50mm
Sample connection: "Luer slip", Rapid connection, hose 
Material Body en stem: 316L, Afdichting PTFE-silicone-viton


3.1 Materiaal, FDA, USP Class VI


pdfDatasheet Aerre Inox RPS Sample Valve
English - 806 kB - Rev. RPS-16