32P ADCA Sample Cooler

To cool samples of clean steam and WFI for analysis

Clean steam sample cooler

This heat exchanger can be used to quickly and safely cool down samples of clean steam (SIP) and WFI. They are easily connected with a tri-clamp connection. The heat exchanger is fully drainable in the vertical position. The heat exchanger is available with integrated mounting brackets for fixed installation (SC32P) or in a portable version (SC32PP) so that it can be used in any location.

Technical Information

Max. pressure Body 20 bar, Coil 90-110 bar
Temp. Range Body: 0°C to 120°C Coil: 0°C to 450°C
Connection Tri-clamp
Material 1.4404 (316L)
Certificates 3.1 material

pdfDatasheet ADCA SampleCooler 32P
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