The SONOFLOW CO.55 xxx(H) V2.0 clamp-on flow sensor detects the flow rate of liquids in tubing within a few milliseconds. 

The clamp-on flow meter has no contact to the medium or product en is suitable for applications in processes with strict hygienic standards. The sensors detect the flow rate of liquids in tubing of different diameters or materials within a few milliseconds. Tubing is easily put into the sensor and enables a smooth and uncomplicated change.

Due to the current, frequency and switching outputs industrial dosing applications can be supported. The RS485 interface allows bus operation of up to 12 sensors in rough industrial environments. The SONOFLOW CO.55 xxx(H) V2.0 sensors with complete built-in electronics can be installed in machines or apparatuses.

In addition to the standard sensors, we also manufacture customer-specific solutions regarding housing materials, colors, mechanical dimensions, customized output specifications and parameter settings. We also have a stainless steel version with display of the SONOFLOW CO.55 V2.0.

Technical information

Measuring method Ultrasound
  • Housing: aluminium, anodized grey/red
  • Measuring channel: PMMA (black)
Media temp. 0 to 60°C, other temperatures available on request
Power supply
  • 12 to 30 VDC
  • Max. 50 mA