ARTeSYN Manual Pinch Valve


Manual Pinch Valves are innovative valves that are ideal for single use or frequently changed process applications. Pinch Valves have the fewest product contact parts possible in a valve; none! Quick change out of the process elements in various customizable configurations ensures the ideal solution for any specific process requirements. 

pinch valves for single use processes

Designed for single-use flow control in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, ARTeSYN Pinch Valves outperform other pinch valves. Easy maintenance, simple installation, compact and durable design, and 0 to 100% fluid control. They can be easiliy adapted for mounting to skids or fixtures and the design allows rapid and easy tubing changes.

ARTeSYN pinch valves ensure a consistent flow over the pinching cycle and minimize tubing wear. Reduced consumable complexity & cost because of the disposable liners. Easy verification of the valve position and automated fluid control ensure ease of use and reduced operator errors.

Manual pinch valves

ARTeSYN Manual Pinch Valves have a non-rotating hemispherical plunger design that allows for very fine fluid control. The flow of the Pinch Valves can be manually operated. A pneumatic actuated version of the Pinch valve is also available. 

Features & benefits

  • Virtually eliminates dead leg
  • Precise flow control and easy to use
  • Simplified construction, small size
  • Progressive flow curve
  • Disposable liners
  • Highest closure resistance and reliability
Sizes For tubing and hose sizes from 1/4" to 1" Internal diameter
Temp. range Temp. range is depending on the material of the hose.
Connection Pinches on hose
Material Body, connections: 316L
Operated manual
Certificates 3.1 Material


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