Orifice Spools Kit


The Orifice Spool Kit makes it easier to determine the correct size of Orifice. When an Orifice is built in, calculations are not always available. With this kit you can test which orifice gives the desired result and then order the right one.


  • All Orifice Spools are provided with a marking of the size and orifice dimensions.
  • Low density polyethylene foam, keeps cleanroom contamination as low as possible!

Technical information

Sizes ½” to 1½”
Connections Tri-clamps
Material Orifice Spools: 1.4404 (316L)
Case: ABS
Foam: LD45
Surface Finishes  SF1


3.1 materiaal


pdfDatasheet Orifice Spools Kits
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