KEST Bearings for magnet mixers


Kest-Mixer standard bearings are manufactured from one solid piece of Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), which ensures an optimized, robust and aseptic design. This makes the bearings able to withstand the impact of shaking, bumping and possible to run dry. These properties makes the Kest-Mixer bearings unique in lifespand and productivity. 

zirconium dioxide (zro2)

The bearings are 100% corresponding with the Silicone carbide NovAseptic bearings, but have an extended lifespand because of the material. Zirconium dioxide is chemically unreactive, making it very suitable for applications in biotechnology. The biggest advantage over e.g. Siliciumcarbide is the toughness and robustness, making it able to run dry. The bearings are delivered with a FDA and USP Class VI certificate. 

Sizes 4 different sizes
Pressure range -1 to 7 bar
Temp. range* 0°C to 135°C
Connections Thread
Material -Body: 1.4435 (316L)
-Bearing: Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2)
-Sealing EPDM or Silicone
Finishing Ra≤0.5 µm on surfaces in product contact
Certificates FDA, USP Class VI, 3.1

pdfDatasheet KEST Bearings for magnet mixers
English - 157 kB - Ed. KEST-KM1MBDS-2009-00