Speed Flow-SI

High temperature resistant PTFE hose with Stainless Steel braid

Speed Flow-SI is a PTFE hose reinforced with a Stainless Steel braid, overlaid with white, smooth Silicone. Good isolation and resistant to high pressure.

The Speed Flow-SI is a PTFE hose with a stainless steel braid around it, which ensures good resistance to pressure and a smooth interior that is resistant to aggressive media. The braid is overlaid with white, extruded, platinum-cured Silicone rubber for isolation and good cleanability. 

Ideal hose for applications with aggressive media, high pressure or high temperatures

The Speed Flow-SI is the ideal hose for applications with aggressive media, high pressure or high temperatures. The hose can be cutted to size and fitted with the desired crimp fittings in our hose workshop, and can always be delivered from stock. Designed for the biotechnological, medical and pharmaceutical industry where high purity is a must.

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless steel braiding
  • Resistant to aggressive media
  • Good resistance to high pressure
  • Excellent heat resistance, good isolation
  • Smooth, white overlay; easy to clean


Hose: Virgin PTFE
Reinforcement:  Braided stainless steel AISI 304
Cover: White, extruded platinum-cured silicone rubber

Technical information

Sizes 1/4" to 1"
Max. length 20 meter
Max. working pressure 224 bar (depending on size, see table)
Temp. range -70°C to 200C
Connections Multiple kinds of connections available
Bending Radius Depending on size, see table
Material Virgin PTFE, stainless steel 304 braid, overlay platinum cured Silicone
Certificates FDA

 Pressure and Bending Radius

Size Working Pressure (at 20°C) Bursting Pressure (at 20°C) Bending Radius (in mm)
1/4" 224 bar 672 bar 76
3/8" 183 bar 552 bar 133
1/2" 161 bar 483 bar 152
5/8" 114 bar 345 bar 178
3/4" 103 bar 310 bar 203
1" 80 bar 241 bar 305