HYTREL Envir-A-Line XX

Photo Opaque PVC with Hytrel® Liner.

HYTREL®-lined PVC tubing is designed to offer the flexibility and durability of PVC tubing with a liner of inert DuPont's Hytrel for additional resistance to oils, high temperatures and gas permeability.

Envir-A-Line™ XX is commonly used for many gases and hydrocarbons. It has a co-extruded construction, incorporating a highly inert Hytrel® inner-liner that exhibits excellent dielectric properties and provides a superior gas and moisture barrier. Its moisture permeability is similar to poly-ether based urethanes. The product’s outer shell is comprised of a permeable photo-opaque black PVC, so the product can be repeatedly autoclaved without the two materials separating. Used widely in the welding industry because of its superior barrier and dielectric characteristics, Hytrel® contains no plasticizers and does not outgas. The consistant quality and performance of Envir-A-Line™ XX is due partly to the industry leading thickness of our Hytrel® inner-liner thickness. Envir-A-Line is also commonly used in the beverage industry. The inner liner is compliant with NSF and FDA standards.

Also available with photo opaque hygienic white outer shell, and high pressure outer braiding for higher pressure applications.

This product is typically applied where diffent performance requirements for the inside and the outside of the tube are needed. For instance, the oil resuistance of Hytrel may be needed for an application in a harsh environment, where durability of PVC is required.

Sizes 1/8" to 1/2"
Length coil: 100, 500 or 1000ft (30.48, 152.4 or 304.8 m) standard (depending on diameter)
Burst Pressure 10 bar
Hardness Hytrel - Inner Liner: 55 Shore D (ISO 868)
Black Vinyl - Outer Shell: 80 Shore A
Temp. range -30ºC to 70ºC
Type of connections Depending on the fitting
Material HYTREL-lined PVC tubing
Certificates (standard) FDA (21 CFR 177.2600 en 21 CFR Section 177.1590)



  • High purity
  • Low moisture permeability
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely flexible
  • Abrasion resistant shell
  • Traceability: lot and batch
  • Full vacuum capabilities on most sizes
  • Other sizes and custom lengths are available on request.


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