Aerre Inox DTS-HE Heat Exchanger


The heat exchangers consist of a double tube (DTS) and are designed to allow the thermal exchange between two process fluids avoiding their mixing. The heat exchangers are available with single or multiple passages and are completely drainable. All heat exchangers, used for heating, cooling, or both, are made with high-quality standards in full compliance with FDA, GMP, and customer project requirements. The welding option, for sealing the tubes to the tube sheets, allows to fully comply with the ASME BPE regulations.


  • Each heat exchanger is specially designed by using the date given by our clients.
  • Both single and multiple heat exchanges are self-drainable, suited for both heating and cooling. 
  • The standard heat exchanger includes insulation, support brackets and o-rings. 
  • The number of passes (tube side) is established according to the speed and pressure drop and may vary from 1 up to 8 by changing the number of outward and inward chambers.
  • Full material traceability.

Technical information

Heat transfer area <10m2
Connections Tube side: Tri-Clamp
Shell side: Flanged
Material - Body: 1.4404 (316L)
- Gaskets: TFM 1600
Surface finish Interior surfaces SF1


3.1 material, PED

This product is not available

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