TK connection

Aseptic tank connection

Hygienic device features a compact design that allows the installation of typical clamp-connections on top, bottom or side wall of a tank. Once installed, the clamp gasket shuts off flush with the inside tank wall with a zero dead leg.
It gives better CIP/SIP performance. Fit for clamped valves, sight glasses, sampling devices, manometers, tank bottom valves. The equipement can be removed and the TK sealed with a standard blind cap. Eliminates dead leg.

NA and TK Connect

Besides the TK Connect we can also help you with the NA Connection. The NA Connect is the more famous variant of this connection, which works in the same way and only differs in the position of the bolts. The locking rings of TK and NA are not interchangeable because of that.

Technical information

Sizes 1/2" to 4"
Pressure range -1 to 7 bar
Temp. range -80°C to 200°C
Type of connections ASME-BPE, BS 4825, ASTM A270, SMS 3008, ISO 1127 serie 1
Material In stock 1.4404 (316L), 1.4435 (316L) and other materials on request
Surface Finish Product contact surface Ra < 0,5 µm
Certificates 3.1, PED 97/23/CE

pdfDatasheet Aerre Inox TK NA-connection
English - 2,63 MB - Rev. VFA-13

pdfDatasheet Aerre Inox TK connect ASTM A270
English - 312 kB - Rev. 3