Tank fitting Ingold

Straight of inclined 15°

These INGOLD fitting is designed as tankwall fitting and offers the best safetyoption for sterile sampling of pharmaceutical processes. The optimalized position of the O-rings makes them ideal for use in combination with CIP/SIP processes.
Each 16 AMP clamp blind cap is marked with material designation and Heat no. for full lot traceability according to our QA routines.

The INGOLD nut, plug, O-ring, and weld fitting are all separately available.

See datasheet for sizes and the different options.


Technical information

Material 1.4404 (316L), O-ring silicone or FKM
Connection Weld-in socket 25 mm 15˚ or straight
Surface finish SF1
Certificates 31. material, 2.2 surface finish (option)