Blind End Cap

Tri-clamp: Blind End Cap with knob esspecially for NA-connect or KEST-lock

Especially for hard-to-place or hard-to-remove blind caps for the NA-Connect or KEST-Lock, ROMYNOX has designed the blind cap with a knob. This handy knob saves a lot of time and displeasure because you can pull out the blind cap. This without damaging the NA-Connect, KEST-lock, or gaskets and for an appealing price.

Technical information

Sizes 25mm to 167mm
Type of connections Tri-clamp
Material 316L (1.4404)
Finish SF4
Certificates 3.1 material, TSE/BSE, Optional 2.2 or 3.1 surface finish

Sizes & availability

Size Availability
25 mm In stock
34 mm On request
50.5 mm In stock
64 mm In stock
77.5 mm In stock
91 mm On request
106 mm On request
119 mm On request
167 mm On request

pdfDatasheet Blind End Cap with Knob
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