DT-22 Ferrules ASME BPE

Ferrules are produced by turning from 316L stainless steel bar stock. The surface finish is equal to or more often better than those quoted in the relevant standards.

Ferrules are also available with enhanced surface finish to 0.38 um Ra, this being achieved by electro polishing. Material certification is supplied as standard and all ferrules are part marked with the material grade, mill heat number and the fittings size and name. Ferrules can also be supplied as specials in a variety of non-standard materials such as special stainless steels, titanium, hastalloy etc.



Technical specifications

  • 1/4" to 6" 
  • Special internal diameter possible, see table "special sizes"
  • Other sizes on request
  • More information about dimensions, see datasheet
Connections Tri-Clamp (according to ASME BPE), weld
Material 316L (1.4404), other materials on request
Finish Interior Surfaces SF1, SF4 on request
Certificates 3.1 material, optional 2.2 surface finish

Availability Sizes < 1"

Ferrule size Length Finish Availability
1/4"  12,7mm SF1 On request
1/4"  28,7mm SF1 On request
1/4"  44,5mm SF1 In stock
3/8" 12,7mm SF1 On request
3/8" 28,7mm SF1 On request
3/8" 44,5mm SF1 In stock
1/2"  12,7mm SF1 In stock
1/2"  28,7mm SF1 In stock
1/2"  44,5mm SF1 In stock
3/4" 12,7mm SF1 In stock
3/4" 28,7mm SF1 In stock
3/4" 44,5mm SF1 In stock

Special Sizes

Ferrule Size TC Size Internal Diameter Availability
1/2"  50,5 9,4mm On request
3/4"  50,5 15,75mm In stock
3/4"  50.5 22,1mm In stock
3/4"  50,5 34.8mm In stock
3/4"  64 15,75mm In stock

Availability Sizes > 1"

Ferrule Size Length Finish Availability
1"  12,7mm SF1 In stock
1"  28,7mm SF1 In stock
1"  44,5mm SF1 In stock
1 1/2" 12,7mm SF1 In stock
1 1/2" 28,7mm SF1 In stock
1 1/2" 44,5mm SF1 In stock
2"  12,7mm SF1 In stock
2"  28,7mm SF1 In stock
2"  57,2mm SF1 In stock
2 1/2" 12,7mm SF1 In stock
2 1/2" 28,7mm SF1 In stock
2 1/2" 57,2mm SF1 In stock
3" 12,7mm SF1 In stock
3" 28,7mm SF1 In stock
3" 57,2mm SF1 In stock
4" 15,9mm SF1 In stock
4" 28,7mm SF1 In stock
4" 57,2mm SF1 In stock
6" 19,05mm SF1 In stock
6" 38,1mm SF1 In stock
6" 76,2mm SF1 In stock

pdfDeclaration of compliance - Fittings
English - 142 kB - Rev0 - 2020

pdfDatasheet Ferrules ASME BPE
English - 270 kB - rev. D-4-20