Y piece Butt Weld *


This Y-piece is manufactured from solid 1.4404 (316L) bar stock. This offers both excellent material properties and guarantees good controllable surface finishes. These stainless-steel tubes are available in ASME BPE sizes 1"to 4" and have a standard SF1 surface finish, SF4 surface finish available on request. 

Technical specifications

Sizes ASME BPE 1" to 4"
Type of connections Weld
Material 1.4404 (316L)
Finish SF1


3.1 material, optional 2.2 or 3.1 surface finish

* comply with ASME-BPE, but is not part of the ASME-BPE program.


pdfDeclaration of compliance - Fittings
English - 142 kB - Rev0 - 2020

pdfDatasheet Butt Weld Y-piece W x W x W
English - 248 kB - rev. D-4-20