Our standard range of ferrule to hose-tail fittings are designed to suit imperial flexible hose sizes that are commonly available throughout the industry. The hose-tails are manufactured from solid 316L bar stock. This offers both excellent material properties and guarantees good controllable surface finishes.

The tri-clamp to hose-tail fittings are machined with clamps to match BS4825, ISO & DN32676 standard ferrules. We are able to offer “non standard” hose-tails to suit all customer requirements.

Sizes 1/2" to 2"
Connections Clamps/Hose Barb
Material 1.4404 (316L)
Finish Interior Surfaces SF1
Certificates (standard) 3.1 material
Certificates (optional) 2.2 surface finish

pdfDatasheet Adapter Tri-Clamp Hose-tails
English - 336 kB - rev. D-4-20