SISTO C, TFM / EPDM-bonded Diaphragm


The TFM’s excellent chemical and thermal properties make this diaphragm type the first choice for applications with chemically aggressive media and high temperatures. This diaphragm type is also recommended for use in media which need to be protected against rubber abrasion and fluids containing oils and greases. As the rubber is fully covered by the TFM sheet, even mechanical damage to the sheet does not result in cavity formation and therefore to undefined spaces which cannot be cleaned. This composite diaphragm is vacuum-resistant.

Overview of technical data

Sizes DN6 – DN80
Temp. range -30⁰C - 120⁰C (short-term 140⁰C)
Connections Threaded pin
Material EPDM Rubber bonded to TFM film
Certificates USP Class VI, 3.1b, FDA,


 Tightening torques chart

DiapphragmMD (Membrane Distillation)
30 40 65 92 115 168 202 280
EPDM 1,5 3 8 12 14 18 32 40
TFM bonded 1,5 3,5 8 12 18  
PTFE, TFM (2-piece) 2 4 10 18 30 40 60 75