SISTO C, 2-piece TFM/EPDM Diaphram

Perfectly for applications involving high chemical and thermal stress

This 2-piece TFM/EPDM diaphragm is perfectly suited to applications involving high chemical and thermal stress. Both TFM and EPDM comply with FDA specifications. A metal pin embedded in the TFM diaphragm helps lifting the diaphragm and thus opens the valve. To avoid damage to the diaphragm during valve closure, the metal pin is fitted to the bonnet assembly by means of a floating nut.

Technical Information

Sizes DN6 – DN100
Temp. range -30⁰C - 150⁰C (short-term 160⁰C)
Connections Threaded pin
Material TFM film backed up by second diaphragm of EPDM Rubber
Certificates USP Class VI, 3.1b, FDA, EG1935


 Tightening torques chart

DiapphragmMD (Membrane Diameter)
30 40 65 92 115 168 202 280
EPDM 1,5 3 8 12 14 18 32 40
TFM bonded 1,5 3,5 8 12 18  
PTFE, TFM (2-piece) 2 4 10 18 30 40 60 75