MA 40 - EPDM - SED Diaphragm


Reinforced EPDM SED Diaphragm

EPDM in SED Diaphragms is a specifically developed compound reinforced with a vulcanized woven fabric inlay. In addition, the woven fabric inlay is vulcanized over the embedded compressor stud in order to strengthen the elastomer-metal connection.

This construction gives it higher stability at elevated temperatures and pressures, such as in critical aseptic applications with SIP steam sterilizing cycles and processes. And very suitable for vacuum.
All EPDM diaphragms of SED are manufactured in the molded open position.


  • Woven fabric reinforcement between two elastomer layers
  • Increased lifetime expectancy under steam
  • Ideal for vacuum applications
  • One piece, molded open
  • Diaphragm is interchangeable with all SED Diaphragm valves
  • Batch traceable by a set of unique codes molded into the diaphragm dvary

Suitable for SED Diaphragm Valves: Steripur 417, Steripur 907, KMA 395, KMA 905, KMD 982, KMD 402
SED articlenumber: 00210.485.540.28 EPDM

Technical information

For tube sizes DN 32 – 40,  IMP 1¼ “- 1½ “
Temperature range -40°C to 150°C
Connection Threaded stud
Material EPDM (Ethylene-propylene elastomer peroxide cured)
Dimensions 46 mm x 54 mm
Certificates 3.1b, FDA, USP Class VI {87}, {88}, TSE/BSE



pdfDatasheet SED Diaphragms
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