MA100 - PTFE backed EPDM - 2-piece SED Diaphragm


SED Diahragms

The diaphragm is the most important component of the diaphragm valve. Besides the valve body, the diaphragm is the only part which contacts the process medium. It is the dynamic part with which the flow rate of the process medium is controlled and/or stopped.

The PTFE MA 100 two-piece diaphragm consists of a seperate EPDM backing cushion and a PTFE diaphragm. It is always molded in de closed position. This gives less tension on the diaphragm when the valve is closed, and reduces the force to close the valve which increases the life of the diaphragm.
The threaded stud is connection is embedded in the PTFE of the diaphragm. To eliminate the potential of point loading at the center of the diaphragm, a floating suspension connection to the valve operating mechanism is utilized.


PTFE diaphragms offer the highest degree of chemical resistance, increased stability, longer flex life, less porosity, reduced cold flow, and superior performance through temperature fluctuations between hot and cold and steam sterilization cycles.

All diaphragms are clearly indentified and the material is batch traceable by a set of unique codes molded into the diaphragm dvary.

Technical Information

Size DN100 (4")
Temp. range -20°C to 160°C
Connections Threaded stud
Material PTFE backed EPDM Diaphragm (2-piece)
Certificates FDA, USP Class VI {87}{88}, ISO 10993-18, TSE/BSE (ADCF), 3.1 material



Other diaphragm sizes and materials on request


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