Twin SED Diaphragm Valve

Ideal for filling bottles or barrels

SED Diaphragm Valve Specials

The Twin Diaphragm Valve combines two diaphragm valve bodies in one valve block assembled with two pneumautically operated diaphragm valve actuators. The twin diaphragm valve has one inlet and one outlet tube end. The valve actuators can be operated independently from each other and optionally are different control components available to visualize and control the process.

The major application is the filling of liquids in cans, bottles or barrels. For fast filling both valves can be opened, and for the last part, to control the level and accuracy of filling, only one valve remains open. By using a stroke limiter, the flow rate of the valve which remains open to fill completely, can be adjusted. And helps avoiding foam over or sputtering of the medium.


  • Economical filling valve
  • High cycle lifetime
  • Control air connection in or 90° to flow direction
  • CDSA sealing concept, easy to clean
  • Compact solution
  • Low weight
  • Optimized internal design for maximum flow rate
  • Less welding
  • High filling volume
  • Material 1.4435/316L solid block and investment cast
  • Encapsulated Diaphragm
  • Smooth exterior design ideal for wash down
  • Available with a wide range of Control equipment and
  • All actuator series suitable

pdfTwin Diaphragm Valve Datasheet
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