KMA 295 - SED Diaphragm valve

Manual actuated valve with stainless steel bonnet and plastic hand wheel

SED Diaphragm Valves

KMA 295 SED Diaphragm valve for high purity applications in the pharmaceutical, food, fine chemical and cosmetic industries. The KMA series meets the highest demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

These valves are predestinated for applications with high purity, dirty or aggressive fluids and gases. Its smooth surface, without nuts or edges, combined with a self-draining exterior in all assembly positions, gives it an optimised design to be cleaned.


  • Stainless steel bonnet and plastic hand wheel
  • Manual actuated with rising hand wheel
  • Sealed bonnet with optical indicator
  • Adjustable internal travel stop
  • CDSA sealing concept
  • Flexible diaphragm suspension
  • Suitable for limited number of cycles of autoclaving

Technical Information

Sizes Tube: IMP 3/8” –3/4”; DN 8 - 20
Diaphragm: MA 10
Max. pressure 10 bar
Temp. range
  • -40 ºC to 150 ºC (EPDM)
  • -20 ºC to 150 ºC (PTFE/EPDM)
Weight ca. 0.6 kg
  • Tri-Clamp (ISO, ASME-BPE, DIN 32676)
  • Flange
  • Butt weld
Weld connections ISO 1127, ASME-BPE, DIN 11850, BS-4825, SMS 3008
  • Body & connections: 316L (1.4435) forged
  • Bonnet: 316L (1.4435)
  • Hand wheel: polyarylamide (Ixef)
  • Diaphragm: EPDM, PTFE/EPDM
Finishing Interior surfaces SF1
Operation Manual
Certificates 3.1 material, FDA, USP Class IV 121 C (87), (88), EHEDG, PED, CE 1935/2004, TSE/BSE
Certificates (optional) 2.2 surface finish, ATEX 2GD


  • Investment cast
  • Surface finish Ra value to max. 0.25 µm
  • Other materials
  • Client specific connections