024.50 SED Contact-free Limit Switch


SED limit switch for linear and rotary actuators

Limit switches are used to control, monitor and view the position of the valve or to activate other system components.

There are different versions of on/off limit switches in the market. The most common are based on the principle of mechanical switches, proximity sensors or potentiometers.

SED has designed and engineered a contact-free limit switch with magnet field measurement technology, which makes it remotely controlled. Apart from lifetime and among other features the advanced design allows also a more reliable sealing method.


  • For single and double-acting valve control functions
  • Indicates two or three positions
  • Colored LED light feedback of valve position visible for 360°
  • Contact-Free magnetic measuring design
  • Suitable for linear and rotary actuators
  • Linear stroke measurement of 3-45 mm
  • Backlash free stroke transmission
  • Short circuit proof
  • Compact and robust design
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Easy mounting without additional adapter kits
  • 360° adjustable mounting position
  • Initial programming by light or 24V Signal (5th pin)
  • Set point protection
  • High switching current
  • High chemical resistance

Technical Information

Size ¼”- 4”; DN4 - DN100
Diapgrahms: MA 8 - MA100
Max pressure 8 bar
Temp. range -10 C to +70C
Electrical connection M12, 5-pin A-coded connection
Power supply and programming 24V DC of 8V DC
Material Housing: PPSU


  • ATEX II 2G Ex / II 2D Ex  / II 3G Ex
  • IO-link
  • Teach-in cable for the programming via the 5th pin
  • M16x1 assembly tread

pdfDatasheet Limit Switch 024.50
English - 846 kB - TD16 0217.024.50 Rev. b

pdfOperating instructions Limit Switch 024.50
English - 610 kB - BA15 0002 Rev. c