Diaphragm Pumps

Truly unique in that their method of operation, Quattroflow Quaternary Diaphragm Pumps mimic the human heart, which is the perfect model for the safe, reliable and efficient transfer of biological materials. With an operation that offers low friction, low shear and low pulsation, Quattroflow pumps are ideal for critical applications within biopharma manufacturing, including Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF), Chromatography (RFC), centrifuge feed, sterile virus filtration, purification and inline dilution. Quattroflow pumps can also be outfitted with a single-use liquid chamber, which enables them to meet strict speed-to-market manufacturing demands.


Quattroflow Fluid Systems
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Quattroflow EZ-Set

Faster Replacement of Single-Use Pump Chambers

Quattroflow QF 30SU

Flowrate 0.06 to 30 lph

Quattroflow QF150S

Flowrate 1 to 180 lph

Quattroflow QF150SU

Flowrate 1 to 180 l/h

Quattroflow QF1200-HT

Flowrate 6 to 1200 lph

Quattroflow QF1200SU-HT

Flowrate 6 to 1.200 l/h

Quattroflow QF1200S-CV

Flowrate 10 to 1200 lph, Compact Version

Quattroflow QF4400-HT

Flowrate 50 - 5000 lph

Quattroflow QF4400SU-HT

Flowrate 50 to 5.000 l/h

Quattroflow QF5050SU

Flowrate 50 to 5.000 l/h

Quattroflow QF5050S

Flowrate 50 - 5000 lph

Quattroflow QF10k

Flowrate 500 - 10.000 lph

Quattroflow QF20k

Flowrate 1.000 - 20.000 lph

Quattroflow QF20kSU

Flowrate 1000 - 16.000 lph

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