Ezi-Flow UV-C Aseptic Transfer

Powder Transfer and UVC Sterilization in one

Ezi-Flow UV-C aseptic transfer system uses UV-C light instead of traditional VHP systems, providing a safer and more simple solution for pharma transfers.

The UV-C aseptic transfer system is based on the well-proven CSV high containment transfer system. The Ezi-Flow UV-C uses UV-c light rather than vaporised hydrogen peroxide. The result is a genuine game-changer for this process, providing a safer and simple 'plug & play' solution that provides a huge upgrade in performance whilst using less time and fewer resources at a significantly lower cost. 

The Ezi-flow UV-C transfer system provides a complete high containment solution for processes like reactor charging, extruder charging, powder filling lines, tablet press and coater charging, mixers and more.  

Features & Benefits

  • Sterilises to LOG6* in 5 minutes
  • Simple, safe and fast
  • reduce operating costs over VHP systems
  • Full bore aseptic transfer

pdfDatasheet Ezi-Flow UV-C Aseptic Transfer
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