Ezi-Flow UV-C Aseptic Transfer

Powder Transfer and UVC Sterilization in one

Ezi-Dock Systems have developed an innovative Aseptic Transfer system using UV-C light in place of traditional Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) systems.

Aided by Crystal IS's extensive background in UV-C technology, Ezi-Dock have been able to adapt their existing, well-proven high containment transfer system to deliver aseptic transfer using UV-C light rather than vaporised hydrogen peroxide. The result is a genuine game-changer for this process, providing a safer and simple 'plug and play' solution that provides a massive upgrade in performance whilst using less time and fewer resources at a significantly lower cost. If you have access to an electric socket, the Ezi-Flow UV-C system can be deployed immediately!


  • Ezi Flow High Containment Transfer System utilizes the latest UVC Technology to STERILISE THE DEVICE TO LOG6* in approx. 5 minutes
  • Sterilization is SIMPLE, SAFE, RAPID and ECONOMICAL to implement and use.
  • By utilizing the Ezi Flow UVC System, it will substantially reduce operating costs over the existing VHP/Steam systems, which are expensive and difficult to validate, operate and maintain.
  • All the sterilization process is carried out at the CSV UVC Active port
  • Ezi Flow UVC is FULL BORE, so ideal for charging Powders, Stoppers, Vials and Tube sets into Isolators or Packaging Lines.
  • Operators can charge any quantities of bags, quickly and efficiently.
  • Ezi Flow system is extremely versatile, compact and is quickly and easily fitted onto any type of process equipment


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