Ezi-Dock PharmaPure AS Antistatic LDPE

Flexible and highly effective

PharmaPure AS is an Antistatic LDPE film suitable for the handling & storage of most pharmaceuitcal products, including API’s, Media Buffers & Excipients.

PharmaPure AS™ has an antistatic performance that does not rely on chemical additives, completely eliminating the risk of migration & product contamination due to additive leaching. Instead, a unique production process uses digital print technology to apply a lacquered grid matrix on the outer surface of the film. The inner, product contact area, is completely additive-free.

Product Range:

  • Continuous/Endless Liner Packs:
    Ezi-Dock continuous liner packs are manufactured with PharmaPure AS™ as standard.
  • Ezi-Flow Safe Change Continuous Liner:
    A new product to simplify the tricky operation of removing & replacing a continuous liner pack. No more flexible canister bands + grooved O Ring swap overs. Changeover takes less than 15 seconds with a single operator. Tested to <1μg/m³ (Task Duration), based on SMEPAC guidelines.
  • Flexible Chargebags:
    A wide range of Chargebags with 2/4/6/8inch Tri-Clamp Connections (BS4825-3) - 0.5 Litre - 60 Litre (Custom Sizes Available)
  • Ezi-Flow High Containment Chargebags:
    High Containment Charging of materials <1μg/m³ (Task Duration), based on SMEPAC guidelines
  • Tailgate Bags and Sample Pouches.
Sizes See above
Type of connections See above
Material Antistatic LDPE
Certificates FDA (21 CFR 177.1520), USP Class VI 70 °C, USP88, USP661