TFM PTFE Aerre Inox Diaphragm


The diaphragm is manufactured from 100% TFM PTFE bar, PolyTetraFluorEthylene from Dyneon - 3M.

Available in six different model with the followings different sizes from ¾″ to 4″. After the machining, there is a special AISI 316L screwed bush fixed on it, in order to fix it on the stem.
Surface roughness : smooth (hydrophobic)

Sizes 3/4" to 4"
Pressure range -1 to 6 bar, depending on size and operation
Temp. range -10°C to 150°C Continuous
-10°C to 240°C Short term use
Material TFM 1705 PTFE
Finish Smooth (hydrophobic)
Certificates FDA, USP Class VI 121°C, {87}, {88}, ADIF, TSE/BSE, CE1935/2004