New Building

Maybe you already saw or heard something about our plans for the future. We are going to build our own building! After operating from The Hague for 10 years, we have grown into a company that is too big for our current building. Our new building will only be a ten-minute drive from our current address in the town Pijnacker-Nootdorp at the brand new and sustainable business park Heron. This business park is close to the highway from The Hague and has a metro station, which connects Rotterdam and The Hague.

We think about our future
We will create a building that meets all the measurements of the European sustainable energy goals 2050. The roof will be filled entirely with solar panels and the building will be heated and cooled with the newest, greenest heating techniques. With a metro station for public transport nearby and enough charging stations for electrical cars, we are also thinking about sustainable transport possibilities.

Our planning is to be operational in our new building in the beginning of 2022. We would like to keep you updated and share a couple of milestones with you, which you can read below.

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December 29th 2020: Romynox is the official owner of Stoomweg 23

Proosten met Hans van WindenIt is ours! Since Tuesday 29 December 2020, we officially own Stoomweg 23. Over 1600 square meter at a brand new, sustainable Business park with great accessibility. Our dream to create our own building is one step closer! After this, it was time for Ronald to toast with our project developer. Cheers!

September 10th 2020: Purchase of the lot

Romynox aankoop grondSince Thursday 10 September 2020 Romynox officially bought the lot Stoomweg 23, Business park Heron, Pijnacker-Nootdorp. Our future address! The papers to complete the purchase were signed (corona-proof) at the city hall of Pijnacker-Nootdorp. We cannot wait for the next step!

August 23rd 2018: Reservation of the lot

Getekend Heron thumbOn this day Ronald signed the reservation agreement, which gave Romynox the right to buy the lot at Business Park Heron. He drove to the lot and signed the agreement together with councilor Ilona Jense, who welcomed us with coffee and cake. A day to never forget!

Our Products

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Foodgrade Hoses & Tubings
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Rupture Discs for Pharma
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