Hose assembly

hose assembly romynox

Assembled in our own workshop

ROMYNOX has its own workshop where hoses are custom assembled. Our specialists are happy to advise you in the choice between our different hoses and crimp fittings. This way you always get the ideal hose for your process and you are assured of a good connection. We assemble the hoses to the required length and with the correct fittings in our own workshop with our very modern hose crimping machine, which works fast, clean and precise.

Large stock and fast shipping 

  • Hose sizes ¼" to 4" never out of stock 
  • wide range of fittings in stock
  • Assembled within one day
  • In a rush? We can offer same day shipping in most cases!

the ideal connection

In addition to our standard range of crimp fittings, we can also help you with special fittings. Through years of cooperation with orbital welding companies we have the flexibility to create tailor-made fittings according to pharmaceutical standards.

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Designed by our specialists

We assemble the hoses based on your specifications or by the design of our own engineers, made in close consultation with you. Are you unable to deliver all needed specifications? We are more than happy to visit you, in order to advise and make a detailed overview. 


The machine documents the data of a crimping cycle. This provides extra quality assurance, because it is immediately possible to check whether the process has been properly executed. This way we can see what the course of the pressure curve was and what the actual crimped diameters are. The hoses are packed clean and airtight.

Certificates and engraving

The hose assemblies are supplied with all relevant and necessary certificates. With the handy certificate overview you always have a clear and well-arranged document. The crimp fittings are given a unique tag for tracing which makes than easy to reorder in the future.

If desired, it is also possible to engrave internal codes or other specific information on the couplings.

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