Hose assembly

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Hose assembly

Romynox has its own hose assembly workshop where the hoses are tailor made assembled. Hose assembly is done on customer specifications or following a Romynox design. The designs of Romynox are based on your specifications by our CAD engineering department in close consultation with you. 

Through years of cooperation with orbital welding companies we have the flexibility to produce the valve components and fittings tailor made, according to the standards of the pharmaceutical industry. The hose assembly comes complete with fittings. 

Site visit 

If you cannot supply all the specifications for the hose assembly yourself, we offer the possibility to visit your site to make an inventory of the project situation. With this information our CAD engineering department starts designing.


We deliver hose assemblies with all the relevant and needed certificates. They come with a handy certificate overview, so you get a clear and well-organized document.


We tag all our hose assemblies to make retracing and re-ordering easier. This tag number will also be mentioned on the certificates overview page.