3D CAD design

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Knowledge of products and processes

Our engineering department draws on years of experience within the (bio)pharmaceutical industry and are specialists when it comes to custom components. Long collaborations with orbital welders and experts at our partners gives us the flexibility to create tailor made components and connections for your systems and processes. 

Customized products

One of the problems that occurs often in the industry: the right components for your system are difficult or impossible to find because they deviate from the standard (built-in) sizes or in the installation itself is several years old. ROMYNOX can help you with these issues!

Our engineers can adapt standard products and design completely new 'specials' based on your process requirements. They do this with 3D-CAD drawings, which are fully customized. The design is visualized with 3D and 2D models. The drawings are supplied in PDF format in order to quickly and clearly check the design with your requirements and wishes. To ensure that the design fits your system, we can also deliver 3D files.