3D CAD design

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Romynox offers a 3D CAD department. With this facility Romynox can provide customers quickly and accurately.
A CAD system facilitates comparison and choice between different concepts and reduces the risk of errors of judgment in the design.

Custom made products                                       

Do you recognise this situation? A plant which is already several years old and whose components need to be replaced a long time ago. You can never get the right replacement parts, because the necessary parts are different from the default (built-in) sizes.

That’s the moment you contact Romynox. We like to share our knowledge and experience with you.

We proceed as follows:

  • After a brief inquiry we make a list of requirements;
  • A first solution will be presented to the customer;
  • Visualization is done by means of 3D and 2D design models;
  • And last, there are a number of detailed changes made ​​to optimize the product design.
Stepfile steamtrap valve with actuator                                                
 Step-file 1                Step-file met actuator en steamtrap