Sight Glasses

Sight glasses have a essential role in your system to check visually for liquids and gases and to obeserve fluid flow. Romynox has a wide range of sight glasses of Aerre Inox. The sight glasses with single or double sight glass are easy to install on or in a tank wall or pipe (inline assembly). The sight glasses are available with various connections such as threaded connection, socket weld, tri-clamp connection or flanged. The material of the glass is of heat-resistant borosilicate, which has a longer life than most other types of glass. The borosilicate glass expands less when heated and contract less when cooled. It is shatter-proof and resistant to chemical fluids. The design of the sight glasses ensures that there are no dead spaces and liquids can not stay behind. This makes them very suitable for CIP / SIP processes in the pharmaceutical industry. The sight glasses comply with FDA certificate for the soft seals and feature a marker for complete traceability of the material.

Aerre Inox
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Sight glasses

Sight Glass Clamped

Aerre Inox SP-TC-CC Hygienic sight glass which may be...

Flow Indicator BIO - double window

Compact sanitary flow Indicator with double window

Sight Glass DIN

Circular sight glass DIN 11851

Sight Glass Flanged

Flanged sight glass (PN10, PN16 and PN6)

Sight Glass TK

Extremly compact sight glass

Flow Indicator Full view

Full view model sight glass for food processing and...

Flow Indicator - Flanged - full view

Compact construction with a large viewing area

Flow Indicator- double sight glass

Flow indicator with a compact double window design

Flow Indicator- see through

See-thru flow indicator with double window