Bursting Discs for Pharma


A bursting disc is the most aseptic method to secure in case of overpressure. The process is guaranteed to be 100% closed by a bursting disc. This is in contrast with a safety valve (spring loaded) which can open and close unnoticed and thus can cause infection. The pressure range of the bursting disc is always exactly the same, the bursting pressure does not expire. So it does not need to be tested, as such is the case with a safety valve (spring loaded). Not only a production stop is avoided it also gives time and cost savings in maintenance. 

It may be of value to place a spring loaded safety valve after a bursting disc. The system will be closed  after a ruptured disc. A detection of the bursting process gives the supervisor a signal about the overpressure that is generated. This makes a bursting disc the most ideal setup for a sterile process.

  • Sizes: DN 25 tot DN 100
  • Material: 316L, Hastelloy C 22
  • Bursting Discs designed to fit between standard tri-clamps
  • Finish: surface 0.4M
  • Various types of gaskets: EPDM to TUF steel (FDA and USP) 
  • Pressure range: 0.5 bar (LPX) overpressure protection outside PED
  • Also bursting discs for low pressure protection and a combination of low and overpressure
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Bursting Discs for Pharma

LPX Rupture Disc

For negative pressure

HPX Rupture Disc

For standard overpressure

CAL-VAC Rupture Disc

For implosion and overpressure