High Purity Tubing & Hose

At Romynox you have a wide choice of tubing for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic and food industries. Customisation is always possible. Please contact us if you need more product information.

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High Purity Tubing & Hose

Technosil H-PTV - Vinyl Methyl quality

VMQ (Vinyl-Methyl Quality) type silicone tube

Platinum cured silicone tubing (AdvantaSil APST)

For critical pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, and...

Braid Reinforced Silicone Hose (AdvantaSil APSH)

For critical pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic and...

Molded Fittings

AdvantaPure's Molded Silicone Assemblies are...

HYTREL PVC Flexible & Durable

HYTREL®-lined PVC tubing is designed to offer the...

AdvantaSil APSH-DB hose

Reinforced silicone hose